Therapeutic Sound – An Introduction to Sound Therapy

Our Sound Therapy are musically harmonious modalities combined with Scalar Frequencies, Terahertz Frequencies and BioAcoustics to support allopathic medicine aiding in emotional and physical health through alignment – but more importantly harmonics. It is a given that our environment and bodies are frequencies/harmonics in motion. All of this is managed by a law of attraction. Our intention is to allow awareness of a well-functioning resonant and harmonic state of well-being.

The Human Voice is the main instrument used in these recordings as it is the most powerful healing instrument on the planet and easily accessible to the human ear.

Sayonic 3 (Language of Frequency)
The music: Mostly done with the human voice, each note sung 12 times to create a deep field of harmonics, tuned to the frequencies of nature. This researched body of work showed us the power of Therapeutic Sound. Through the research of Dr. Gretchen Snell and myself, we had impressive results: 

  • People could sleep
  • Some got off of their medication including anti-depressants
  • In 70 percent of the people researched, they achieved 90 percent coherence. 

Listen here:

Connection to the God Self
This meditation is based on Cameron Day’s work but with my voice and music in the background. I added another track for clearing ancestral lines. There is alot of talking on this to keep the listener out of ego (thinking) so they can follow the meditative instruction. It is a process of all that is no longer useful and directed to the Galactic Center for transmutation. Powerful. There are six tracks:

Spinal Cord of God
I worked on this piece of music for over a year. Many state that they can see themselves being created. This music is to trigger the individuals divine purpose for why they are here. Many have had their work elevated becoming more universal and purposeful.

This is a very long story but I will keep it brief. I stumbled across some ancient numbers that I knew had divine purpose. This involved using a tone generator (used by the sound engineer for the Hubble Telescope) as I needed special equipment that could handle the long chain of numbers that turned out to be specific frequencies.

Each Chakra has it’s own musical track.They include the color, sound, totem, toning, organ and more for each chakra and/or the area of the body that chakras influence. There are six tracks (6 and 7 are combined)

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Therapeutic Sound and Wellness deals solely with Sound Therapy and the music prescribed for various physical, mental and spiritual states.

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