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The EE-System technology creates a healing vortex of scalar energy that enhances cellular structures and neutralizes radiation in tissues.

Radiation from EMF, 5G, microwaves, cell phones and towers “unzips” the DNA (fission), which is lethal to the body. The bio effects of photonic fusion in the EESystem provides the antidote to fission. These nonlinear, non-hertzian, phase conjugate standing waves totally nullify and totally neutralize detrimental field effects. This reorganizes detrimental fields into electrical precursors which now become available for utilization in healing in the body.

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Provider Spotlight

Wholeness Healing Center, PC

We are a mental health practice with holistic services available. We have offered time in our Energy Enhancement System for 12 years. We have an 8 unit energy enhancement system with nine reclining chairs in the room. 

Wholeness Healing Center, PC
2608 Old Fair Road
Grand Island, NE  68803

Call or email to reserve your spot and fill out paperwork

Path To Wellness Center

We feature the Energy Enhancement System.  Our center is a 12 unit system.  We have 8 recliner chairs for your comfort.  We also have blankets, pillows, eye masks, and other things for your comfort during your sessions.  We are open 7 days a week.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment will schedule evening hours.

Path To Wellness Center
22000 Pepper Rd., Suite I
Lake Barrington, IL  60010

Call or email to schedule your appointment

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I have had sessions in Palm Coast and it was excellent. It is making a huge impact in my anxiety and my ability to relax. I experienced the tera hertz wand, bioacoustic sound healing and the cube! Try it. I highly recommend this!

Mental clarity and complete elimination of brain fog. It has returned periodically over the past week, but when using the EMF spray, I go back to brain clarity. I love it. Dr. Snell incorporates EMF homeopathic spray and we incorporporate Bob Greska’s water soluable C60.

My floaters are completely gone. Can’t wait to see my eye doctor. I feel better overall and more energy than I have had in a long

Kate Hart and Dr.Diane Barrett have created a wonderful healing environment of treatment modalities. The Sayonic 3 music, the Terahertz wand therapy, the Bioscalar energy cube and the salt water foot bath.

I am a registered Nurse and Licensed Acupuncturist and
have been in the
Healing Arts for many years. After each session I feel calm energized my sleep is wonderful and I feel happy.

I realized the joint stiffness and hobbling walk to get things going (old lady syndrome) after getting up from a chair, is gone. Hip
pain is much less. This treatment is miraculously amazing. Thank you for making this available to us

Hi Kate! Here are the improvements I noticed. Right after the session I felt mildly spacey but had increased mental clarity and focus. About 15 minutes after walking around, I felt straight and stronger. I was sleeping about 5-6 hours at night and last night I slept around 7 hours. I woke with pain but drank almost a gallon of water and felt the tension ease up. I feel calm, I don’t feel the jitters of my nerves as much, my back pain has reduced about 60 percent, my lower back about 80 per cent better. I’ve been forming full comprehensive sentences, improved memory and I made it to the restroom without peeing myself. My stomach strength was better yesterday but weakened a bit more today. I regained my taste and smell also. I’m impressed! I will definitely try to be there possibly every 2 weeks. Thank you so much!

Experience with the EECUBE: I was warmly welcomed by Kate upon arrival. I was given terahertz charged water and filled initial forms. Once the session began the ambiance of the cube seemed to put me in a state of reverie. Wanding in troubled areas with terahurtz wand was performed. Then laying on the table while Bio Acoustic music played and table felt mild vibrations. Once session was over soaked feet in Celtic sea salt. I felt alive and straight out of another dimension! Throughout the session I went through various memories and felt a spiritual connection. 70% of pain and stiffness alleviated immediately after session. 15 minutes after session, walking around I felt 80% less pain, stronger spine and muscles. The results lasted a few days then faded. It’s recommended to continue sessions to increase vitality. I highly recommend!